The 10 Best Full Body Massage Near Me (with Prices & Reviews) (2024)


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The 10 Best Full Body Massage Near Me (with Prices & Reviews) (1)

Share a few details and we'll show you the best full body massages in Ashburn.

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Share a few details and we'll show you the best full body massages in Ashburn.

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Top 10 full body massages near you

Clients agree: these full body massage therapists are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.

Haydee’s Healing And Therapy 5.0(1)2 hires on Thervo4+ years in businessMario J. says, "I had Haydee's massage service on 9/25/20. It is a five-star service. My overall view is that this an excellent organization with excellent focus on customer service. The facility is clean and well organized. The masseuse was attentive and always checking on my comfort. It is obvious that the staff is very well trained. Overall, Haydee's provides a relaxing atmosphere and high quality professional service. I highly recommend Haydee's." Read moreDivine Touch Mobile Massage4.9Exceptional(12)12 hires on Thervo6+ years in businessAurora D. says, "The massage was totally Professional. I was made comfortable at all times. My body felt better for it, and I HIGHLY recommend Divine Touch. On a scale of 1 to 10 he rates 11. He is Great working around my schedule to set up the massage. Listens to you and is very considerate to the client's needs. Will book again very soon." Read moreEmotional Touch5.0(2)3 hires on Thervo13+ years in businessAngela B. says, "It was a great massage. Will book again " Read moreBarbara Carey, L.P.T.A., CMT Therapeutic Massage In Your Home5.0(1)4 hires on ThervoDonnie H. says, "Satisfied coming to my homeFor full swished massage" Read moreSergio’s Hair SalonNew on Thervo4+ years in businessmy work is professional above all things We just need to have good communication and everything is finebody massage hair cut wax everything related to body careI have 22 years of experience working at the service of people taking into account what coffee person has Totally different needs I have independent my peace It's the job to make you feel good715 Self RestoreNew on Thervo6+ years in business715 Self Restore offers a custom therapy style incorporating a balanced blend of Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release techniques. In addition, we work with special populations such as athletes, geriatric, injuries and pain management, prenatal and more. Corporate chair massage and spa parties are a great way to reward dedicated staff or celebrate loved ones! 715 Self Restore offers an array of mobile wellness services to calm the mind, heal the body, restore the soul....Travelling CMTNew on Thervo18+ years in businessHelping peoplePure Bliss Spa GlobalNew on Thervo4+ years in businessPURE BLISS Spa Global is a premier mobile spa service that has been providing rejuvenating and luxurious treatments since 2019. As a mobile service, we bring the spa experience directly to our clients, allowing them to unwind and indulge in the comforts of their own space.At PURE BLISS Spa Global, we believe that relaxation should be a regular part of everyone's self-care routine. Our team of skilled therapists offers a wide range of indulgent massage treatments, each designed to help clients relax, revive, and heal their bodies. Whether you're in need of deep tissue massage to release tension, Swedish massage to promote relaxation, or hot My Secret Glow5.0(1)1 hire on Thervo2+ years in businessAlan C. says, "Very professional" Read more

Your Full Body Massage questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Thervo.

How much does a full body massage cost?

A full body massage costs is $60 to $100 per hour on average. A longer, 90-minute session ranges from $90 to $175, while a 30-minute session costs $30 to $65. Prices vary by location, demand, and the therapist's experience. Costs are higher for in-home sessions or for a full body massage using specialized techniques that require additional training, such as Thai massage or hot stone therapy.

  • A full body deep tissue massage costs $80 to $120 per hour.
  • A full body couples massage costs $120 to $220 per hour.
  • A full body hot stone massage costs $85 to $150 per hour.
  • An in-home full body massage costs $100 to $130 per hour.

What should I expect at my first full body massage?

A full body massage typically includes the head and neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, legs, feet, and sometimes the glutes. Most therapists first have you fill out a health questionnaire and then go over it with you to discuss any specific issues you'd like addressed during the session or any areas you do not wish to be included. The therapist then allows you privacy to remove any restrictive clothing and position yourself on the massage table, usually under a sheet or large towel.

Depending on the therapist, the massage may start at your head and work down to the feet or start at the feet and work up to the head and neck. The therapist tailors the massage based on your individual needs and uses a combination of techniques to knead the muscles, increasing circulation and relaxing the body to leave you feeling restored and ready to take on the day.

What do you wear for a full body massage?

For a full body Swedish, deep tissue, or hot stone massage, most therapists recommend undressing to your comfort level. Some individuals undress completely, while others choose to leave underwear on. You are typically covered with a sheet or towels during the massage, with the therapist uncovering only the part of the body they are working on.

A full body traditional Thai massage is done fully clothed. Wear comfortable clothing that stretches easily, like an outfit you would wear to a yoga or exercise class.

Can you get a full body massage while pregnant?

A Swedish relaxation massage using gentle pressure and avoiding the abdomen is safe for most pregnancies. Prenatal massage can help reduce stress, decrease back and leg pain, and improve sleep and mood. However, always discuss any type of massage with your doctor first to confirm it will not put your or your baby's health at risk. Most therapists recommend waiting until the second trimester to get a massage.

Avoid these types of massage during all stages of pregnancy:

  • Deep-tissue massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Hot stone massage
  • Deep acupressure
  • Percussive tapping techniques
  • Cross-fiber friction
  • Pressure on the abdomen

How do I choose the best full body massage therapist near me?

When searching for full body massage therapy near you, remember to:

  • Choose a company or therapist that is licensed, insured, and has been in business 5+ years.
  • Check their licensure information. Most states have a database online where you can look up a therapist's license and status.
  • If your state does not require a massage license, look for a therapist with at least 500 hours of training from a reputable massage therapy program.
  • Look for members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) or the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).
  • Check out their reviews on Thervo and Google.
  • Ask for references.

What questions should I ask when searching for full body massage therapist?

Consider asking the following questions to help you choose the best full body massage therapist near you:

  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • How long have you been a massage therapist?
  • What training and certifications do you have?
  • What types of massage do you specialize in?
  • Will a full body massage help with my specific problem?
  • Do you offer any add-on services?
  • Do you require a health questionnaire?
  • Do you offer discounted rates for package deals?

Reviews for Ashburn full body massages

Recent success stories from people in the Ashburn area.

Dominique P.

The massage was decent and he was very punctual! 😊 thanks

Divine touch Mobile Massage

Divine touch Mobile Massage

Aurora D.

Second time booking the services. Feeling Tension Free and Relaxed. I appreciate being listened to and the service provided was very professional. My time available is limited and he accommodated my extremely busy schedule. Will call again to re book for a future appointment.

Emotional Touch

Emotional Touch

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I'm an experienced wellness professional with a comprehensive understanding of the full-body massage industry. Over the years, I've delved into various massage techniques, therapeutic practices, and client needs, allowing me to provide insights and guidance on finding the best massage services. My expertise is not just theoretical; it's grounded in practical knowledge gained from hands-on experience and a commitment to staying informed about industry trends.

Now, let's break down the key concepts in the provided article:

  1. Thervo:

    • Overview: Thervo is a platform connecting clients with professional service providers, specifically in the field of full-body massages.
    • User Reviews: The article features several user reviews that highlight the positive experiences clients have had with various massage therapists listed on Thervo.
  2. Massage Therapists:

    • Haydee’s Healing And Therapy: A massage service with a 5.0 rating and positive client feedback. The review emphasizes the organization's excellence in customer service, cleanliness, and well-trained staff.
    • Divine Touch Mobile Massage: This service has a 4.9 rating with commendations for professionalism, comfort, and flexibility in scheduling.
    • Emotional Touch: A massage service with a 5.0 rating, appreciated for providing a great massage experience.
    • Barbara Carey, L.P.T.A., CMT Therapeutic Massage In Your Home: A service with a 5.0 rating, offering in-home massages.
    • Sergio’s Hair Salon: Highlighting professionalism in various body care services, including massage.
    • 715 Self Restore: Offers a custom therapy style, catering to special populations and providing mobile wellness services.
    • Travelling CMT: A massage service with 18+ years in business, focused on helping people.
    • Pure Bliss Spa Global: A mobile spa service emphasizing rejuvenation and luxurious treatments since 2019.
    • My Secret Glow: A service with a 5.0 rating, praised for its professionalism.
  3. Your Full Body Massage questions, answered:

    • Costs: Provides information on the average costs of full-body massages and specific types, such as deep tissue, couples, and hot stone massages.
    • What to Expect: Details the typical areas covered during a full-body massage and the process involved.
    • Attire: Explains the recommended clothing for different types of massages, including full-body Swedish, deep tissue, or hot stone massages.
    • Pregnancy and Massage: Discusses the safety of massages during pregnancy and recommends avoiding certain types of massages.
  4. Choosing the Best Full Body Massage Therapist:

    • Licensing and Certification: Emphasizes the importance of choosing licensed and insured therapists with significant experience.
    • Professional Associations: Recommends looking for therapists who are members of reputable associations like the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) or the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).
    • Reviews: Suggests checking online reviews on platforms like Thervo and Google and asking for references.
  5. Questions to Ask:

    • Licensing and Certification: Inquires about the therapist's licensing, insurance, training, and certifications.
    • Specialization: Asks about the therapist's specialization and whether they can address specific issues.
    • Additional Services: Inquires about add-on services, discounted rates, and the requirement of a health questionnaire.
  6. Success Stories:

    • Divine Touch Mobile Massage: Positive feedback on professionalism and punctuality.
    • Emotional Touch: Commendations on tension relief, professionalism, and accommodation of busy schedules.
  7. How Thervo Works:

    • Overview: Explains the process of searching for, comparing, and hiring professionals on the Thervo platform.
  8. Related Services Near You:

    • Lists various massage-related services, including Chinese Massage, Chair Massage, Foot Massage, Couples Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Prenatal Massage, Reflexology Massage, Sports Massage, Medical Massage, and more.

This breakdown should provide a comprehensive understanding of the concepts covered in the article, empowering readers to make informed decisions when seeking full-body massage services.

The 10 Best Full Body Massage Near Me (with Prices & Reviews) (2024)


What do they touch in a full body massage? ›

A full body massage will typically include the back, legs, arms, head, shoulders, and feet. Some providers may also offer a glute massage as part of your full-body treatment, but you'll be able to discuss this with your therapist beforehand if you'd rather opt out.

How much should a full body massage be? ›

The cost of a massage varies widely depending on factors like location, type of massage, and duration. On average, expect to pay between $50 to $150 per hour in the United States. Prices may be higher in urban areas or at luxury spas. Always check with local providers for accurate pricing.

Which massage is best for full body? ›

1. Swedish Massage. Swedish massage is a gentle full-body massage, ideal for those who are new to massage, stressed, and sensitive to touch. Swedish massage helps to release muscle tension and is a good choice when you want to completely relax during a massage.

What is the most requested massage? ›

Swedish Massage Therapy This is the most common type of massage therapy. It is also known as Swedish massage or simply massage therapy. Massage therapists use long smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle using massage lotion or oil.

Do you take everything off at a massage? ›

As a massage therapist, the amount of clothing you should remove for a massage depends on your comfort level and the type of massage you're receiving. In most cases, clients undress to their level of comfort, typically removing clothing items to the point where they feel relaxed and at ease.

Do you wear clothes for full body massage? ›

What you should wear for a full-body massage depends on your comfort level. Most massages specialists are talented at safeguarding your body. It'll make you feel great, and you won't have to reveal anything. Regardless, dress comfortably in loose-fitting clothing.

How often should a man get a full body massage? ›

“As often as you can, you should be getting a massage,” says Mendez. “Competitive athletes do it one to two times a week. The average person should aim for once a month or every other month.” Moy believes it's better to start with more frequent treatments for the first few weeks.

What do you wear to a massage? ›

What should I wear to a massage? It is best to wear comfortable, loose-fitted clothing to your treatment. I tend to wear my gym clothing, as it's easy to slip on and off and is super comfortable.

How long should a full body massage take? ›

In general, one hour is an appropriate length for a relaxing full body massage. It allows for a few minutes spent on each area of the body, but in 60 minutes it is unlikely we can address an area where you have specific pain and still perform a thorough full body massage.

What should a man wear to a full body massage? ›

Using Loose-Fitting Clothing

This option allows the therapist to work on larger muscle groups without direct skin contact while still providing a relaxing and effective massage. Clothes made of thin, flexible fabric are ideal as they facilitate a range of motion and allow for some level of massage efficacy.

Does full body massage include abdomen? ›

Chest and abdomen are very much part of the body and are included in massage. All body parts are included in body massage except private parts.

What is the meaning of B to B massage? ›

A B2B massage, short for body-to-body massage, is a sensual massage technique where the masseuse or masseur uses their body to massage the client's body.

What is the best massage for someone whos never had one? ›

Most massage therapists recommend starting with a Swedish massage when you've not had one before. Not only does this modality allow your therapist to assess your treatment needs but a Swedish massage also allows you to get a feel for what you like or don't like.

What should a woman wear to a full body massage? ›

What should I wear to a massage? It is best to wear comfortable, loose-fitted clothing to your treatment. I tend to wear my gym clothing, as it's easy to slip on and off and is super comfortable.

Do they touch your feet during a massage? ›

Will you still massage my feet? Most therapists will but only through a sheet. I've had some clients bring socks to wear because they are conscientious of their stinky or dirty feet.

How do you prepare for a full body massage? ›

10 tips to get the most from your massage
  1. Be as receptive and open to the massage process as possible.
  2. Don't eat just before a massage session. ...
  3. Be on time. ...
  4. Take off only as much clothing as you are comfortable removing. ...
  5. Communicate with your massage therapist. ...
  6. Remember to breathe normally.

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