Vintage sheaffer no nonsense fountain pen and ballpoint pen set - golden F nib (2023)

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Vintage sheaffer no nonsense fountain pen and ballpoint pen set - golden F nib:

These are vintage sheaffer no-nonsense fountain pens and ballpoint pens with opaque marbled blue barrel pens,with gold plated fine nib. 2 pcs set.

Sheaffer no nonsense Vintage fountain pens and ballpoint pen with fine point steel golden nib. in opaque blue marbled barrels. Made in USA. Perfect working condition. With some shop wear on clips and clip band.

Please note that these pens are old, but unused. Pens carry some rust or scratches on the metal parts of cap (also known as shop wear) . Also note that these pens are cartridge pens, originally as made by sheaffer.


Brand : Sheaffer

Model : No nonsense

Colour: Opaque blue marbled

Length (capped) : 132 mm

Length Without cap: 122 mm

Length posted: 153 mm.

Weight: 15 gms (One pen weight)

Body material: Plastic

Cap Type: Screw cap

Nib Size & Material: Fine size gold plated nib and golden clip.

Ink Filler: universal Ink cartridges - (sheaffer originally made these as cartridge pen). But we cannot send sheaffer cartridges. Instead, we ship only universal cartridges which works with this pen.

Made in : USA

Good condition vintage sheaffer no nonsense cartridge fountain pen and ballpoint pen in perfect working condition. pen will be shipped only after detailed testing. We will ink the pen to make sure its working. But pen will be cleaned and dried before shipping.

Please check all the photographs. there are clear detailed closeup to clarify any of your doubts. One of the picture will show you close look of rusting/stains on the metal parts on the clip. No refund or exchange available for this item. buy this pen only after clarifying all your doubts.

Price is for a set of sheaffer non nonsense opaque blue marbled barrel fountain pen and ballpoint pen with fine golden nib + 5 blue ink cartridges as free gift + secure pen box packing (not from sheaffer).

Please be informed, Chances are there you might see some tiny scratches (shop wear, not from usage) and stain spots in the barrel or cap ring, consider this as part of the deal, and its due to the age of the pen (manufactured 1970-80s). There can be some ink left over from the final writing test, please ignore it. And this ink spill only happens when we are in hurry packing the pen to reach the post office before they close for the day, just to avoid 24 hours delay. Otherwise, we clean the pen very well after testing it.

Special notes on Condition of the item:

These are vintage pens, made during 1970-80s. These pens always been kept in vendors/stockists shelves in bulk quantity. If at all these are inked, it will by us to do the writing test before the dispatch. Most of these pen do carry micro scratches as 'shop wear' and these marks are visible only through a 10X zoom lens. 90% of the pens in our stock may carry a 'un-noticeable' tiny stains on clip or barrel . We will try to avoid these marks the best, but if they appear on the pens we sent, consider these stain marks are already part of the offer. not a reason to claim a refund or return. For the age and make , we would rank this 95% fresh appearance.

1. these pens are vintage, and it stayed in closed boxes, loose bags, or carton boxes for almost 45 years. Manhandled by at least 10 different store owners and vendors, traveled distances across world. Naturally these pens will carry tear and wear of the age and logistics. We stock only the best condition pens we selected from a huge lot, but expect the pens to carry some tear and wear, but these age marks are very limited, we will avoid them the best.

2. Pay attention to the method of ink filling mentioned at the beginning of the listing. fountain pens has different kinda of ink filling, and each pen we listed might have a specific method, and chances are the you are not comfortable with this ink filling, please read and understand what is the filling method.

3. your pens will be tested for leaks, nib quality,fit of caps and section, before we ship the item. We do ink testing as well.

4. Please note that during write test and leak test, we fill pens with ink or cartridge. You might receive the pen with some ink left over, possibly ink spilled over during transit. We are not doing it on purpose. Sometime we are in hurry to hand over pens to courier company before they close, to save a day, or even week-ends. We clean the pens before we ship whenever we get enough time to do so. Please wash the section of the pen and cap in tap water, rub with a cotton cloth or paper napkin. Do not raise this as a complaint in etsy, we have already informed well in advance and this is quite obvious in FP World.

5. When you buy vintage pens , certain metal colors are faded away because of the age. Like Gold plating , paint coating. if any such condition exist, we will specifically describe this with the help of pictures and words. the pen might have developed a color change (its also called patina). If you dont like this color fading and resulting patina, i recommend skipping the buy. This pen might not be for you. Ask for closeup photos and videos of the specific pen we going to ship

6. Though we mentioned it as New Old Stock, we will definitely dis-assemble the pen, fill the ink or cartridge, do multiple tests. So technically, we can only send a pen at least once used by us. you cannot count this is as an used item. This 'onetime' usage is part of our quality check. If you are not fine this , dont buy this pen.

7. This is not a brand new , fresh made pen. Instead, This is vintage old pen with its won tear and wear. Read the description details before you buy.

8. No warranty for the pen, but we give a guarantee it works. We will replace the pen if it didn't work as we promised.

9. You are buying a vintage a pen from us, we cannot to do any customization on this item. many customers ask us for customization, improvements and add-ons (like O rings etc..). we dont have any technical expertise to do so. You have to find your own ways to customize and fine tune your pens.

Refund, return or Exchange policy:

We wish to clearly mention that we would entertain return claims Only If :

1) non-delivery of shipments - We will refund you if the package was lost and delivery was not possible.

2) damaged during transit - We will refund if the item was damaged during transit, but very unlikely to happen. we do super duper packing always.

3) Not working As promised - If we promised it is working, assume it is working, guaranteed. If not, you get full refund.

4) Seller is Mis-leading - We will refund you if you prove the point that we mislead you or used fake information to sell a wrong product.

We Will NOT refund or Exchange For :

1) you did not like the color of the item. - We have invested money in publishing high resolution photos which shows you all realistic aspects of the item, including colors and shades. you get what you see.

2) Pens has tiny dots or scratches - We have already mentioned these details if they exist

3) After 2 days use I get bored with the pen or i changed my mind - Sorry but this is something you have to manage, think more than once before you buy.

4) The pens is not worth for the price I paid - Please read, study evaluate the price before you buy. We set the price affordable for vintage lovers, many facts influence a price we fix. Make sure you justify the price you paid for

5) I believe this pen was used - It will be mentioned in the listing if so. usually vintage fountain pens has different condition status. please refer to the list below.

6) I think this pen is not authentic - Communicate with us before you buy. We sell only authentic pens and accessories. Photographs we published are always actual pictures of the item on sale, it will tell you visually whether the item is authentic or not.

7) Later i changed my mind, i need a different pen - We dont allow exchanges, it is very difficult to manage the exchange part, because we are shipping this from a far remote country where logistics is costly and labor intensive. Please give it couple of thoughts and buy the item, make sure you really need to buy this item.

8) I ordered a wrong product - Again, just relax and read all details and check all photos before you decide. You can always ask us to cancel the order after ordering , before we ship.

10) I am just buying to see the pen, may be i will return if i dont like it - This is 'window shopping' behavior, though nothing wrong with it, not practical with an online shopping web site, especially when the supplier and customers are located in far remote countries.

11) or any other personal reasons you will raise. - We cant support you with a refund or exchange for your personal reasons, but will definitely support of the item is not as we listed or described.

For all the issues we listed above, the only solutions is reading description and product condition, read the technical side of the pen, and inspect all closeup photos.

please note that There is no authentic certificate, reseller license, manufacturer license, warranty card, Gift boxes, or dealer certificates with these pens. They are just simple pens made by < a company> many years back. we are selling them in working condition, mostly collected from its previous owners or retailer shops.

Shipping and delivery :

though we work the very best to ship the item as soon as we can, mostly within 48 hours after receiving the order, please remember you are buying this item from a seller based in India, possibly thousands of kilo meters away form your location. There are multiple logistic tics companies, airlines, customs offices, cargo and parcel handlers involved in getting this item to move from one place to other. And any delay or mishaps with any of these parties involved will affect the speed of delivery. 95% of the packages we shipped outside India arrived on time according to buyer's expectations, but the other 5% got delayed more than 30 days, some even took 60 + days, but they arrived. kindly note this point.

If you are ordering this item for a gift purpose, with a specific date planned, and that date is even within a time frame of 15 days, we suggest you to re-consider this purchase, it may not arrive on time. Order from us with a hope that the item arrive within 15 days, but except this an arrive only after 21 days.

Packing : Three layer packing is free. Pen will be packed the gift pen box, wrapped with a bubble roll, and covered with another layer foam , and again repacked with cartons.

Shipping partners : For international shipping we use India post registered post. with tracking number.

Customs and clearing : We send these pens with a lower value for you to make it easy with customs proceedings. But it is your duty to clear this package from customs department, if they decided to inspect the package or verify the buyer. Chances are there, your postal department will ask you to arrange a pickup from their office if in case they are unable to contact you over phone, or unable to locate your address. You may need to visit the local post office to collect this in rare occasions. Please note that we donot have control over such incidents. Please buy the pen only if you agree to handle such situations.

Delivery time : Product will be shipped from Southern India, Kerala. Delivery will take place within 15 to 25 days depending upon destination country.

For 24 hours support on contact us on message system.

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