[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (2024)

Sometimes blasting away at the enemy with rays of powerful energy just isn’t getting the job done, so what do you do? Well…just hit them really hard. But with what? Well, a Strike Super of course!

Strike Supers are moves that damage the enemy with physical attacks as opposed to Ki blasts which use energy. Most Strike Supers require the user to get close to the target which takes away the advantage of range but these attacks still pack a punch (literally) and typically cost less Ki than other moves to use.

Moreover, most Strike Supers combo exceptionally well with normal attacks since those already require the player to get up close and personal. With all this in mind, there are certainly some Strike Supers superior to others. Some simply combo better with normal attacks, others do more damage, and some despite being close-range attacks manage to have a bit of reach.

Put the controller down! You don’t need to go searching for the greatest Strike Supers because I have already compiled the Top Ten Best Strike Supers in the Game!

10. Power Pole Combo (Good)

[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (1)

See Power Pole Combo in action

Introduced in the original Dragon Ball as a staff that could stretch past the moon and back, the Power Pole’s gimmick is the ability to increase its length to hit far-away targets and deal more damage. This skill can be purchased from the skill shop in Conton City.

The Power Pole combo is a seven-hit combo that after finishing will play a short animation during which the player is untouchable. It costs one bar of Ki to use and if used a short distance away from the opponent it will extend to the target. It has mediocre damage but can be combo'd into and is also hard to escape due to the range. Overall, it is a fairly solid skill that can be acquired rather early.

Power Pole Combo review:

  • Good range
    • The Power Pole can stretch to meet the target. As long as you are reasonably close hitting the opponent isn’t very tricky.
  • Quick startup
    • Because of how quickly this skill comes out it can be combo’d into using other moves.
  • Mediocre damage
    • This skill’s damage isn’t anything too flashy..

Power Pole Combo details:

  • Used by Goku (GT)
  • Based on the staff used by Sun Wukong

9. Shining Slash (Good)

[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (2)

See Shining Slash in action

Used by Future Trunks to bisect Mecha-Frieza, the Shining Slash operates the same in Xenoverse. The user charges the move by raising a sword high over their head before teleporting to the opponent and slashing them. This skill is available in Parallel Quest 38: Power Teams.

The Shining Slash does 10% damage when it lands, costs one bar of Ki to use, and teleports to the opponent when fully charged. It has low-end lag so it can be used as a combo starter and comes out so quickly that it can be used to follow up on knock-backed enemies.

Shining Slash review:

  • Amazing tracking
    • The Shining Slash can track enemies and has unlimited range on teleportation as long as the target is locked on.
  • Low end lag
    • After being sliced the target is stunned long enough to be combo’d.
  • Low damage
    • 10% damage isn’t much, but considering this move’s combo potential I think this is a balanced choice.

Shining Slash details:

  • Used by Future Trunks
  • Can only be used by Earthling and Saiyan CaC’s

8. Super Dragon Fist (Good)

[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (3)

See Super Dragon Fist in action

A powerful combo of three quick strikes that can be used during combos, the Super Dragon Fist is a great tool for laying on pressure. This attack is acquired from the Skill Shop in Conton City.

The Super Dragon Fist costs one bar of Ki to use and comes out so quickly that it can be combo’d with other attacks. This combined with its low Ki cost, lack of knockback, and its ability to go through block makes this super a highly viable combo extender. It also has a relatively long range which makes it easy to land.

Super Dragon Fist review:

  • No knockback
    • Super Dragon Fist doesn’t inflict knockback so the opponent can continue to be combo'd.
  • No startup
    • This move comes out almost instantly so it’s easy to combo into and out of.
  • Mediocre damage
    • Three hits for a total of 10% damage isn’t terrible by any means but isn’t anything special either.

Super Dragon Fist details:

  • Used by Goku, Super Saiyan God Goku, Super Saiyan 4 Goku, Adult Gohan, etc
  • Block-breaking move

7. Meteor Crash (Good)

[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (4)

See Meteor Crash in action

A devastating rush of attacks, this strike super is very reminiscent of the high-speed action and intensity that Dragon Ball and many other Shonen battles have become known for.

This move isn’t hard to obtain, choosing your starting style as close-up, completing Parallel Quest 12, or purchasing it in the skill shop will all reward the player with Meteor Crash. Initially costing one bar of Ki to use, holding the attack button down will continue the flurry until three bars of Ki are used and the opponent is knocked away.

This move does solid damage and the only real drawback is that it can be vanished out of at any time because of how long the move is.

Meteor Crash review:

  • No startup
    • This move comes out almost immediately and is exceedingly easy to combo into.
  • Solid damage
    • The number of hits in this strike skill can ruthlessly hammer away at even the toughest of characters.
  • Escapable
    • The long flurry of strikes gives the enemy time to regain their stamina and escape the rush down.

Meteor Crash details:

  • Useable by almost every character in the game via customization or otherwise
  • This move has minor tracking and can be used to force Ultra Instinct characters to waste stamina dodging

6. Super God Fist (Good)

[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (5)

See Strike Super in action

A true display of divine power, the Super God Fist is a powerful Ki-enhanced strike that even gods of destruction know better than to underestimate.

Obtainable from the skill shop in Conton City or Parallel Quest: 67, this move costs one bar of Ki to use and has grab properties that make it good at catching moving people. It also ignores super armor and has a cool animation.

The only drawbacks of this move are that it can be blocked and can be Z-vanished away from if used too predictably.

Super God Fist review:

  • Easy to land
    • This move comes out quickly, ignores super armor, and has grab properties, if you miss this that’s on you!
  • Decent damage
    • This move is good against bosses and other high-health characters because of how much damage it does, especially if used in a combo.
  • Predictable
    • Even though this move is fast once it’s used it’s easy to see coming if you're on high alert which gives you time to dodge it.

Super God Fist details:

  • Used by Goku, Super Saiyan God Goku, Super Saiyan 4 Goku, SSGSS Goku, etc
  • Hard to deal with in a poor connection

5. Recoome Kick (Excellent)

[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (6)

See Recoome Kick in action

Used by the villainous member of the Ginyu Force, Recoome, this move helped put the hurt on the Z-fighters before Goku arrives on Namek.

Earned in Parallel Quest 61, this Strike Super costs one bar of Ki to use, and after a short pose, the user will launch forward in a fast side-kick that does 10% damage and sends the opponent flying. The reason this move is good is due to how fast it moves once used which allows it to hit enemies in knockback after a combo and on top of this boosts attack power after landing.

The main drawback is the mediocre damage but the attack boost makes up for it.

Reccome Kick review:

  • Stat booster
    • Not many Strike Supers boost attack power after being landed so this is a nice touch.
  • Long reach
    • Even fewer Strike Supers can hit knock-backed enemies so this is also a nice addition,
  • Obvious startup
    • The user does a pose and shouts ‘Recoome Kick’ before launching forward in an aura of Ki, it’s pretty easy to see coming.

Recoome Kick details:

  • Used by Recoome and Captain Ginyu
  • Can be blocked or vanished out of

4. Super God Shock Flash (Excellent)

[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (7)

See Super God Shock Flash in action

Used by Goku during his fight against Golden Frieza, the Super God Shock Flash is an homage to Bruce Lee’s famous one-inch punch.

Obtained from the skill shop or the Parallel Quest: Android Warfare, the Super God Shock Flash costs one bar of Ki to use and operates as a counter. The user stabs the opponent with their hand before sending them flying away with a punch, it’s only effective from the front but is completely unavoidable if the enemy activates it.

This is an amazing move with the only real drawback being that you have to predict the enemy’s attack and that it’s ineffective against Ki blasts.

Super God Shock Flash review:

  • Excellent counter
    • This counter has a very quick startup so you should have no problem landing the move.
  • Unavoidable
    • This move has grab properties guaranteeing a hit unless the enemy has Super Armor activated.
  • Melee counter only
    • This move will only trigger against melee attacks.

Super God Shock Flash details:

  • Used by SSGSS Goku
  • Only activates if attacked from the front

3. Kaioken Assault (Excellent)

[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (8)

See Kaioken Assault in action

Used by Goku during his first fight against Vegeta, this Kaioken-fueled attack has the potential to deal massive damage just as it did against the former antagonist.

Obtained from the skill shop and costing one bar of Ki, this Strike Super activates Kaioken and slams into the opponent. Pressing the input further will continue the combo dealing around 40% damage total. The reason this skill is so dangerous is because of the high damage that can be increased even further with Super Souls or transformations.

The main drawback of this skill is that the user will health during the combo.

Kaioken Assault review:

  • Massive damage
    • The damage potential of the skill is insane, especially when transformations are taken into account.
  • Free combo
    • This strike skill is essentially a combo by itself and it doesn’t deal knockback once it’s finished which lets you combo the enemy further.
  • Self-harming
    • This attack pushes the user past their limits and because of that deals them damage the longer the combo is sustained.

Kaioken Assault details:

  • Used by Goku
  • Unique in that the player loses health from using it

2. Divine Retribution (Excellent)

[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (9)

See Divine Retribution in action

Another addition to the hyper-deadly and versatile moveset of the villainous Goku Black, Divine Retribution is a deceptive Ki super that can easily be confused with a Ki blast the first time it’s used.

Available in the TP medal shop, Divine Retribution initially costs one bar of Ki which fires a Ki blast doing 5% damage. Pressing the input again will use another bar of Ki to teleport the user above the target and cut them with a downward slash also doing 5% damage.

This Strike Super is carried not only by the fact that it can be used at long range but also due to the attacking coming from behind the target which they can’t block.

Divine Retribution review:

  • Long range
    • Because this move is initiated using a Ki blast it has one of the longest ranges of any Strike Super.
  • Great tracking
    • The teleportation feature for this attack is great for tracking and gaining a position advantage over the opponent.
  • Mediocre damage
    • This attack does 10% damage which isn’t terrible but isn’t much when it comes to chipping away at a health bar.

Divine Retribution details:

  • Used by Rosè Goku Black and Goku Black
  • Causes the target to spiral but doesn’t inflict knockback

1. Neo Wolf Fang Fist (Best)

[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (10)

See Neo Wolf Fang Fist in action

This entry may come as a surprise given Yamcha’s less-than-stellar track record, but the Neo Wolf Fang Fist is in the running for one of the most busted moves in the entire game.

Obtainable from Parallel Quest 86 or from training with Yamcha, the Neo Wolf Fang Fist initially costs one bar of stamina but uses more the longer the button is held down until a total of 33 hits have landed. This attack does a total of 40% damage which makes it the highest damaging Strike Super in the game and can also be combo'd into using melee attacks, stamina breaks, or other stun effects.

Using this attack two to three times can flat-out end a battle, there are ultimates in the game that can’t even do that.

Neo Wolf Fang Fist review:

  • Insane Damage
    • 40% damage on a Strike Super is absurd, especially when Super Souls, QQ Bangs, and transformations can further boost the damage.
  • Simple to land
    • A simple string of melee attacks is all that is needed to set up this move.
  • Blockable
    • If the opponent is blocking or even has super armor then the Neo Wolf Fang fist won’t land but still does loads of damage through block. (It’s so stupid)

Neo Wolf Fang Fist details:

  • Used by Yamcha and Supervillain Yamcha
  • Improved version of the ‘Wolf Fang Fist’

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[Top 10] Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Best Strike Supers (2024)
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