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Grape Ape | Weed Strain Information | Weedbates (1)

Getting high on the Grape Ape is the best choice if people are looking for a strain that will blow them away. It is an Indica strain that produces incredible potency. The Grape Ape tastes amazing, just like sweet berries. Those who haven't tried the Grape Ape strain before are in for a real treat.

There are powerful euphoric and calming effects associated with this cannabis strain. It is perfect for relaxing after a long day or enjoying yourself with friends on the weekend.

Strain History

The Grape Ape marijuana strain is a delicious and distinctive Indica strain with strong origins. Its unique appearance and fruity flavor make it a popular and favorite choice for everyone. Grape Ape results from a variety that combines elements from Mendocino Purps, an award-winning Northern California cross between strains, the influential Skunk #1 original landrace, and an epic Afghani landrace. The clash of these characteristics has resulted in a strong and visually stunning variety.

There are several types of the Grape Ape delicious strain. It is available from Washington State's Apothecary Genetics or Barney's Farm. Other strains created by the seed bank include LSD and Pineapple Chunk. A testing lab analytical 360 has found THC levels in samples of the Grape Ape to be between 15% and 25% with a solid average of 21%.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

There is no doubt that this flower is visually stunning in every way. Even though it doesn't usually grow very tall, its dense buds and unique appearance make it a favorite among growers and enthusiasts. The deep green leaves of the Grape Ape marijuana strain are hidden behind thick purple foliage, which deepens as the flower matures. It has a strong fruity fragrance and plenty of sticky trichomes.

The fascinating thing about the Grape Ape strain is its appeasing smell, similar to candy and berries. Those who enjoy sweet strains will love this. Even those with less cannabis-friendly noses should get whiffs of skunk and hash. The grape taste will dominate everything else when inhaling. The flavor is nearly too sweet for its own good, but in an extremely satisfying way! You won't need much product to feel satisfied. It is worth it to spend a little regarding flavor and potency!

THC and CBD Content

THC Content

The Grape Ape cannabis strain is a potent variety with an average THC content of 18-21%. Beginning users should take things slow to avoid negative effects.

CBD Content

The Grape Ape strain has no CBD content. It retains some medical marijuana potential due to no CBD content.

Medical Benefits

The high produced by this Indica strain is fascinating. Many people claim that it knocks them out for the evening, while others claim it leaves them calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. We know that consuming too much may leave users couch-lock for hours, so be cautious!

Grape Ape | Weed Strain Information | Weedbates (2)
Many users find the Grape Ape full-bodied, relaxes their mind and body, and leaves the user feeling spacey. Those with insomnia should benefit significantly from its sedative properties as it is a good choice for evening smoking. Due to its useful properties, patients can use the Grape Ape to help relieve chronic pain from various conditions. Athletes often use this strain after a rigorous workout to alleviate muscle tension and soreness.

Those suffering from anxiety, depression, or PTSD may benefit from this Indica's relaxing effects. Users are sure to like it once they get in a good mood. Although Grape Ape won't overwhelm them, don't underestimate its power. Those seeking euphoric relaxation will enjoy it. Just bear in mind that too much Grape Ape might cause dizziness.


Positive Effects

Grape Ape is a powerful Indica with a strong, heavy high that builds up slowly before resulting in a feeling of great heaviness in the head and limbs. Those who ingest the strain should be careful since a little one can go a long way. With Grape Ape, users experience a sense of physical and mental relaxation that leads to an out-of-body experience. Rather than stimulating rapid thoughts, it creates a total body stone effect.

The Grape Ape strain has Indica-like soothing effects, leaving users feeling physically relaxed and weighed down. It has been reported to help manage temporary pain relief from chronic conditions. There is also evidence that it assists with sleepiness and soothing sore muscles after exercise. It may help to reduce stress and anxiety levels. Nighttime is the best time to use the Grape Ape strain.

Negative Effects

We don't recommend consuming large quantities of the Grape Ape strain because it can cause disorientation. Newcomers should be especially careful with the dosage. Getting a sore throat from the Grape Ape strains' smoke is possible.

This strain should be considered carefully before trying it. It is also important to note that, like many cannabis strains, regular use of Grape Ape is likely to result in a cottonmouth and red eyes. Having a drink and taking breaks between smoking sessions is recommended to combat dry mouth.

How To Grow This Strain

Grape Ape may be difficult to grow for those who are new to cannabis cultivation. The breed is resistant to disease and bugs that cause damage growing outdoors. It may also be quickly cultivated indoors, thanks to its Indica form: plants are compact and have robust lateral branches emanating from the main stem.

Grape Ape | Weed Strain Information | Weedbates (3)The Grape Ape plants seldom reach more than 4 feet in height. Growers may wish to practice topping, which involves cutting broad fan leaves at the top of the plant so that light may reach lower branches. It produces a large quantity of medium to large flowers and can get 74 grams or roughly 2.5 ounces of bud per square foot when cultivated indoors.

The Grape Ape marijuana strain is particularly strong. Those who are unfamiliar with cannabis may find it difficult to grow. Its slow and powerful high can be dizzying even for experienced smokers. This popular strain will make people feel gently knocked out or overpowered. It can induce users to melt into their surroundings at night and is best enjoyed alone after a stressful day at work or among friends in an intimate gathering.

Flowering Time


The flowering time of this strain is between 7 and 8 weeks indoors. An indoor marijuana plant of the Grape Ape variety produces approximately 16 ounces per square meter.


If people take care of the Grape Ape and keep it in the best outdoor conditions, it will reward them handsomely. Each plant has the potential to yield 28 ounces of perfect purple bud. It is usually ready for harvest between late September and early October.

Common Uses

Grape Ape is a powerful Indica with a heavy high that builds up gradually before becoming extremely heavy. Because of its slow start, those who use it should take care, remembering that a little bit of this strain goes quite far. It delivers physical and mental relaxation in optimal conditions, leading to a spacey calmness for users. Rather than creating rapid-fire ideas, it makes the sensation of a complete body stone.

Many users report feeling tired and clumsy after using the Grape Ape strain. Its Indica potency makes the Grape Ape an effective pain reliever for people suffering from nagging pain, whether it is due to minor aches or more serious issues. It is said to aid in the relief of sore muscle spasms after strenuous exercise. Mentally, it has the power to melt tension and anxiety with its foggy high. At night-time, it is excellent at putting users down for the night.

Strain Enjoyment Options

People can enjoy the Grape Ape strain in many different ways. Vaporization is preferred by some people, while others prefer smoking. They will surely enjoy this strain's unique flavor and powerful effects regardless of consuming it.


The most common way to consume the Grape Ape strain is smoking it. You can use a pipe, bong, joint, or even a regular cigarette and make a spliff. Start with a small amount and work your way up until you find the perfect dose for you if you are new to smoking cannabis.


Another popular way to consume the Grape Ape Strain is by vaporizing it. Research currently shows that it may be safer than smoking since the plant material is not burned. Vaporizing also allows users to enjoy the strain's flavor more, as there is no smoke to mask the taste.


If people do not want to smoke or vaporize the Grape Ape strain, they can always enjoy it in edible form. They will find many recipes online that use this strain. So they should have no problem finding one that suits their preferences. It is recommended to start with a small dose since edibles can be extremely powerful.


Tinctures are another great way to consume the Grape Ape Strain. People can make them at home as they're discreet and convenient. They can mix this tincture with any beverage you like!

The Bottom Line

The Grape Ape strain is an exceptional Indica with relaxing features and a delectable flavor. Smoking this strain will help users to forget their worries for a moment. Try using the Grape Ape strain if they suffer from sleeplessness at night. People can achieve a good night's sleep with this solution.

Marijuana strains, including Grape Ape, can benefit people with chronic pain, stress, and other mental disorders. Many cannabis consumers should avoid this strain because of its high and sweet taste. It is a must-have strain for those who enjoy it!

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for legal, medical, financial, or any other form of professional advice.

Grape Ape | Weed Strain Information | Weedbates (2024)
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